Business Repesentation
I don't want a Lawyer to tell me what I cannot do; I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do.

-- J.P. Morgan
The attorneys at Miele Law Offices have over twenty-five years of experience representing businesses of all kinds and sizes. Clients of the firm include contractors, retailers, service providers, franchises, manufactures and professionals. We handle all manner of business needs, including the following:
Business Formation and Operation
Whether you want to set up a corporation, a limited liability company or some other form of ownership, we can help. We can help you decide what form of entity is best for you, we can prepare the necessary paperwork both for filing with the appropriate regulatory agencies and for obtaining identification numbers and licenses. We even can help set up an entity in another jurisdiction, if that is what you need. Once your business is set up, we can help with minutes, member and shareholder issues, management questions and everything you need to keep your business operating properly.
Business Transactions
Contracts, notes, security agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, purchase and sale agreements, UCC transactions, franchise matters . . . we handle almost any transaction your business may enter into. We can help with advice as to the appropriate means and methods for accomplishing what you need, as well as with negotiating, drafting, reviewing and executing the documents to get it done.
Commercial Litigation
We draft our clients documents to be enforceable and, sometimes, they need to be enforced. We can do that. We can handle not only contract enforcement matters in State and Federal Court, but also almost any other type of commercial litigation, including collection actions, mechanics liens, contract interference and other business torts, consumer issues and more.
Regulatory Matters
We can assist with almost any licensing or enforcement matter before most state and municipal agencies. We can advise you as to the applications you need to file and the process for obtaining licenses, permits and approvals. We can represent you before the agencies. If things go wrong, we can handle administrative appeals.
More . . .
The thing about running a business is, stuff happens. When the unexpected occurs, we can help determine the appropriate way deal with it, and help get it done.
Personal Representation
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